Has Donald Trump Finally Outdone Himself?

Donald Trump.

Need I say more?

Arrogant. Untrustworthy. All-around a guy you wouldn’t want anything to do with.

So why should we vote for him? His claims are outrageous and simply undoable.

But I’m not here to lecture on politics.

Trump started off his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists. But, he’s sure “some of them are ‘good people.'” Since then, he has offended essentially every other race and religion other than Buddhists! His little stunts have, over time, gotten worse and worse and more and more offensive. Has he finally outdone himself?

According to CNN news, Trump has finally reached his “Daffy Duck Moment” or a moment where he’ll have to do something really drastic and desperate to pull himself further in the polls.

What do you think?


The iPad Pro Could be Your New Laptop

For all who have heard about the new iPad Pro that is the “largest iPad ever” and for some more green, can also get an Apple Stylus, I bet you’re wondering if it’d be worth it. I myself would say yes, as I think it could honestly replace your laptop.

While I believe it might be a bit big for an iPad, it’ll definitely be fun for gaming. All 12.9 inches of it.

With a 10 hour battery life, and the smart keyboard, it will also be great for business. Only weighing in at 1.57 pounds and at a thickness of 6.9 millimeters, it will fit in a briefcase easily, and won’t weigh you down.

All in all, the iPad Pro will be larger, faster, smarter, and more apt for life.


A Smaller iPhone 7 Might Become a Reality in 2016

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is often correct with his Apple predictions, Apple will release a 4-inch iPhone 7 for people who think the iPhone 6(s) is too large. iphone four inch screen

Image from article.

It will be the same size as the iPhone 5s, but will be as wide as the iPhone 6. Kuo predicts it will have the newest A9 chip, but will not have the same capabilities as the 6s (3-D Touch).

The iPhone would also be encased in metal as did the iPhone 6(s).

Goldman, David. “IPhone 7?: This Could Be the next IPhone.” CNNMoney. CNN, 5 Nov. 2015. Web. 06 Nov. 2015. <http://money.cnn.com/2015/11/04/technology/apple-four-inch-iphone/index.html?iid=obinsite>.

A World Flight Against Climate Change

Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are flying around the world to spread the word about climate change and the danger it imposes.

Now, you might be thinking: “Hold your horses kid! Don’t airplanes make CO2 and make all of this be “situational irony?”” Well now, I’m thinking: “Thanks Mrs. Wiersig (PreAP English teacher who expounds upon the topic of irony)! But you’re wrong. They’re flying the Solar Impulse 2 that’s wingspan is wider than a Boeing 747’s and is powered solely by solar panels (17,000 solar cells to be exact) that cover the structure of it. During the day, the panels power the plane but also charge two lithium ion batteries that fly the craft at night.

“You fly with no fuel, you have clean technology that make the airplane so efficient,” Piccard said, “that only the Sun is enough to keep it airborne day and night.”


Post-Apocalyptic Vault

When you think about a Post-Apocalyptic vault, you might think, “Oh, it’s full of supplies for after a giant world catastrophe or something like that,” and you’re right. But not how you think. What is the thing that a World War harms most other than a body count? The land. And what do we lose with the land? Farms. What do we lose with the farms? Food, animals, etc. What is the thing that raises all other things at a farm? Seeds. Seeds make corn. Corn feeds pigs. Pigs make bacon. Bacon is life (duh! 🙂 ). Thus, seeds make life. (Ugh. Transitive Property!)

Hidden inside a mountain in Svalbard, Norway, this vault holds seeds, and our future.

Damon, Arwa, and Gul Tuysuz. “After the Apocalypse: Inside the Arctic Vault That Could Help Keep Humanity Alive.” CNN, 26 Oct. 2015. Web. 27 Oct. 2015. <http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/23/europe/after-apocalypse-doomsday-seed-bank-svalbard/index.html>.

Singing Assistant Principal Brightens Everyone’s Morning

Assistant Principal Gary Logan will be seen every weekday morning singing and dancing in front of Woodrow Elementary in Conway, Arkansas trying to brighten the student’s mornings a little bit more.

He says the students even request songs for him to play and dance and sing to- Watch Me (by Silencio), Let it Go (from the movie Frozen), ect.

“They had a rough morning, they didn’t get to eat their breakfast, so we try to make them smile and make them laugh,” Logan said.

I am personally glad to see some people only see the positive side to life and try to make others see the same way. I wish a certain Assistant Principal at my school sang (or maybe not?) and danced in front of the school every morning. It would sure make a lot of people laugh, that’s for sure. I think it is a great thing for people to try to make other’s lives brighter and happier.


“Assistant Principal Greets Students with Singing, Dancing Every Morning.”Student News Daily Assistant Principal Greets Students with Singing Dancing Every Morning Comments. Student News Daily, 28 Sept. 2015. Web. 01 Oct. 2015.

North Dakota Legalizes Armed Drones for Their Police Force

Imagine being chased by the police. You think you’re in the clear, when you hear a loud buzzing in the air around you. You don’t know which way it’s coming from. Then he feel a shock run down your spine when you realize it’s a drone with a camera. And then you literally feel a shock when the Taser hits you.

House Bill 1328 gives police agencies the right to arm drones with less than legal weapons such as tasers, pepper spray, and tear gas. North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple, signed the bill into law.

The bill was originally going to be used place limits on drones, but then certain amendments were made, and here we are.

“I hear a lot of ideas about drones, this one is the worst,” said University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo.

I personally think this law is going to be good for the law-enforcement, but horrible for criminals.

It could also be horrible for liability. If the system has one glitch, it could mean many lawsuits and major cash loss for the North Dakota government.

It doesn’t really affect me because this is in North Dakota, but if the Bill makes it to Texas, things would be forever changed.

So until then, if you’re a criminal, you won’t have to worry about getting pepper sprayed by a drone if you stay far away from North Dakota.

Jennings, Daniel. “This State Just Legalized ARMED Drones For Police.” Off The Grid News. N.p., 24 Sept. 2015. Web. 25 Sept. 2015.

New ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Can Match Any Background

Your idea of an “invisibility cloak” is probably something out of Harry Potter or Predator, but researchers have developed a cloak that reflects light around it using golden antennas rendering the object being covered invisible. While that may seem like a great invention that can be used to mask our soldiers or weaponry or even whole military camps, it’s currently in development stage at about 80 nanometers wide (a human hair is 100,000 nanometers wide!) and only big enough to cover an irregular shaped object 36 microns across, or little more than one-thousandth of an inch. If you’re not amazed at how tiny that is, something’s wrong with you. No offense. Just sayin’.

Anyways, the researchers were quoted saying: “”The tiny object appeared to be invisible because the gold antennas controlled the scattering of the light that reflects off of it, the scientists explained… With the proper tuning of the gold bricks, it’s not hard to make the reflected light look like anything you want — either the background of the object (a floor, for example) or something else entirely,” Zhang [director of materials science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who created the cloak] told Live Science. If the cloak were big enough, theoretically, you could drape it over anything. “You could cover a tank with it and make it look like a bicycle…””

I believe if this invention were to grow to a usable size (when it’s fully operational) and put into a war zone with our soldiers, it could revolutionize war and stealth as we know it.

From the article “Ultrathin ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Can Match Any Background” found on LiveScience.com

Emspak, Jesse. “Ultrathin ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Can Match Any Background.”LiveScience. TechMedia Network, 17 Sept. 2015. Web. 17 Sept. 2015. <http://www.livescience.com/52216-ultrathin-invisibility-cloak.html>.

In 2016, the Chevy Malibu is Debuting Some Sweet Tech That Will Change the Way Teens Drive

Maybe your teenager drives too fast or almost has an accident a few too many times; technology is being put into the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu called Teen Driver that stores driving data for parents to look at and decide if their child should work on, say driving a little further away from the car in front of him, or not driving 20 mph above the speed limit. I believe this technology could potentially save many lives because when teenagers grow up to be reckless drivers, they injure or kill someone. Unless they get seriously  This is a cool gadget first off, to put into any car. It’s a great idea and it should be put into many more vehicles.

Boyett, Chris. “Chevy Malibu Reports Back to Parents on Teens’ Driving.”Central News Network. CNN, 10 Sept. 2015. Web. 10 Sept. 2015. <http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/10/health/chevy-malibu-teen-driver-report-card/index.html>.

Current El Nino is Predicted to be the Largest on Record

According to the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) the current El Niño (when the waters of the Pacific become exceptionally warm and distort weather patterns around the world) is predicted to be one of the strongest on record.

    The water in the Pacific is predicted to be 2°C warmer than normal. The event is likely to peak by the end of the year. The previous largest El Niño was in 1997-98.
    El Niño can alter weather patterns from around the world – e.g. it can increase flooding the Horn of Africa while bringing South Africa into a severe drought; heavy flooding in North America while putting parts of Asia into a severe drought. In reality however, it will most likely decrease storm events in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico while increasing storm events in the eastern Pacific.
    This won’t really affect us unless we all move to California, so we shouldn’t really worry. I feel like people on the list to prepare for lots more rain and humidity.
McGrath, M. (2015). Current el Nino Climate Event ‘among the Strongest’ [Web]. Retrieved from http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-341205 83