Humans of New York

So, in my Journalism I class, we have been looking for a favorite story from the HONY (Humans of New York) website and I haven’t found my favorite, I found many favorites. Unfortunately, because of the amount I have found, I’ve weeded the “lesser” ones out and given you the best. 🙂 (The story behind the website is here.)

Here they are!




Dinosaur Face



Cleanest Bathroom in NY

Best Day

Soaked by Shamu
Soaked by Shamu

My family and I went to Sea World a few summers ago, and we went on crazy rides like Journey to Atlantis(a water ride). But, best of all was seeing Shamu the Killer Whale!

Shamu was in a huge tank filled with water. He swam in circles like he was nervous for his show. Than, all of a sudden, Splash! He had turned around and slapped hi big, black tail on the water spraying my parents and me with tons of water. We were in the Splash Zone! “Wha-hooo!!” I yelled excitedly. The water felt kind of cold though.

While we were being entertained by Shamu’s amazing tricks, acrobats swung from high above and did eye-popping stunts, and one even jumped into the vast, water-filled tank. Splash! The diver then looked up because other divers were shooting through the air toward the crystal clear water.

After all the thrills and tricks were done, a lady in a wet suit stepped onto a platform in the water, and she brought a bucket full of smelly, dead fish.

She then leaned down and tapped her hand on a sloped part of the platform, and Shamu laid his head on it! The lady reached into the bucket, pulled out a fish, and threw it to Shamu. He swallowed it in one bite!

After the lady had shared a few interesting facts about Orca whales with the crowd and us, we headed out of the arena to dry ourselves out in the sun. It had been a long and exciting day, but I was exhausted.

Sitting in the sun, I remembered how fun the day had been. And I couldn’t wait to do it again.