North Dakota Legalizes Armed Drones for Their Police Force

Imagine being chased by the police. You think you’re in the clear, when you hear a loud buzzing in the air around you. You don’t know which way it’s coming from. Then he feel a shock run down your spine when you realize it’s a drone with a camera. And then you literally feel a shock when the Taser hits you.

House Bill 1328 gives police agencies the right to arm drones with less than legal weapons such as tasers, pepper spray, and tear gas. North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple, signed the bill into law.

The bill was originally going to be used place limits on drones, but then certain amendments were made, and here we are.

“I hear a lot of ideas about drones, this one is the worst,” said University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo.

I personally think this law is going to be good for the law-enforcement, but horrible for criminals.

It could also be horrible for liability. If the system has one glitch, it could mean many lawsuits and major cash loss for the North Dakota government.

It doesn’t really affect me because this is in North Dakota, but if the Bill makes it to Texas, things would be forever changed.

So until then, if you’re a criminal, you won’t have to worry about getting pepper sprayed by a drone if you stay far away from North Dakota.

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