Has Donald Trump Finally Outdone Himself?

Donald Trump.

Need I say more?

Arrogant. Untrustworthy. All-around a guy you wouldn’t want anything to do with.

So why should we vote for him? His claims are outrageous and simply undoable.

But I’m not here to lecture on politics.

Trump started off his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists. But, he’s sure “some of them are ‘good people.'” Since then, he has offended essentially every other race and religion other than Buddhists! His little stunts have, over time, gotten worse and worse and more and more offensive. Has he finally outdone himself?

According to CNN news, Trump has finally reached his “Daffy Duck Moment” or a moment where he’ll have to do something really drastic and desperate to pull himself further in the polls.

What do you think?


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