Post-Apocalyptic Vault

When you think about a Post-Apocalyptic vault, you might think, “Oh, it’s full of supplies for after a giant world catastrophe or something like that,” and you’re right. But not how you think. What is the thing that a World War harms most other than a body count? The land. And what do we lose with the land? Farms. What do we lose with the farms? Food, animals, etc. What is the thing that raises all other things at a farm? Seeds. Seeds make corn. Corn feeds pigs. Pigs make bacon. Bacon is life (duh! 🙂 ). Thus, seeds make life. (Ugh. Transitive Property!)

Hidden inside a mountain in Svalbard, Norway, this vault holds seeds, and our future.

Damon, Arwa, and Gul Tuysuz. “After the Apocalypse: Inside the Arctic Vault That Could Help Keep Humanity Alive.” CNN, 26 Oct. 2015. Web. 27 Oct. 2015. <>.

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