Practice Lead Writing, Journalism I

Starting March 1, a new policy will start RHH having open campus lunch. The policy is being put into place because of “phenomenal test scores.”

The town of Rock Hill will be receiving a new super Walmart in May 2006. The town is been such a great community, that they can know handle to Walmart. Community members feel that it could be a bad idea because or hurt local business.

At RH School, student (also sixth-grader) Napoleon Dynamite has been tested and approved as a genius. He will be moved to the rock Hill high school immediately so he doesn’t waste any time in middle school. The principal believes that the move will help to him get to medical school earlier and be better prepared.

In Baltimore yesterday, the survey was released by the child abuse prevention center. The survey says 3 to 4 children die every day United States child abuse or neglect it. The number of child-abuse cases has risen 2.6 million last year to 2.7 million this year.

Homeowner Kathy Mahoney was awaken by the smoke and flames coming from her house. The fire caused $76,000 in damages to the home. Officials said that the fire was started by a lighted cigarette laid down on the sofa. The firefighters had the blaze under control in five minutes.

Funny Bible Verse

Recently I was reading Luke 24, (which is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ) and I found this: And while they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement, he (Jesus) asked them, “Do you have anything here to eat?” (Luke 24:41 NIV) If I were Jesus, I would have said something like: “After being dead for 3 days, a man gets pretty hungry.”

Personal Narrative

God Was Good

         “Doggie!” a little girl cried upon seeing the arrival of me and my faithful companion, Jessie (she’s a border collie). “Mommy, can I go pet him? Pllleeeeeaaaasssee?!?!” “Honey, you have to ask the little boy first.” The little girl runs over to me, and with pitiful eyes begs: “Can I pet your puppy?” “Sure!” I said. I was at Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma, walking past the playground, enjoying the beauty of nature.

          Later that day, I was on the river, doing my favorite thing. Fly fishing with my dad. I looked at my assortment of flies, and decided to do something I had never done before. Catch a rainbow trout on a dry fly.

I picked out my favorite spot on the river. A small area called “The Honey Hole.” I casted my fly line into the water to the left of me, and watched, as it was slowly swept away in the current.

All of a sudden, “FLASH!” I see a streak of white light in the shadowy depths of the river. “WHUMPH!” My strike indicator shoots down like a rocket.

“Fish!” I yelled to my dad as I pulled my rod up at the speed of light.

20 minutes later, I had a 16 inch rainbow trout on the grass next to me, BURSTING with color.

I later realized, that the trout I had just caught, was the first fish I had ever caught on a dry fly.

As my dad and I were walking back to the truck, ending a day of hard fishing (for ME anyways), I said, “Today, God was good to both of us. But to ME more than you.”

You Payin’ the Bill?

Hey. You. Yeah you. The one readin’ this. You may call me Supreme leader, President of Earth or Ruler of all. But my real name’s Unicorn. Yeah, yeah. An evil Unicorn. I know,Unicorns aren’t the most evil thing in the world, but I come pretty darn close. And of course “Evil Unicorns” all have to have good guys to kick their butts and mine’s named Tech Storm. His power is to control all technology around him. And his suit can transform into anything. For instance, one day when I was on a run, no evil intended, little taser/sleep bullets started to fly right at me. And as I’m doing all I can to NOT get hit, I look to my left and what do I see?!?!  Tech Storm’s suit transformed into a pretty massive machine gun. Well I‘m pretty hungry so I’m going to go to Sub-Way to get me a Vegi-Lovers-Special-Foot Long for $10. Later sucker!!!!
In Sub-Way
As I walk in, people stare at me. But especially one dude who had walked in with me. Then, all of a sudden, we (at the same time) see a sign that says, “ONLY ONE VEGI-LOVERS-SPECIAL FOOTLONG LEFT!!” Then we both run as fast (in my case galloped as fast) as we can towards the counter. We get there at the same time. The man introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Chuck Connors.” “ Yeah, whatever, I’m Unicorn.” I snapped back at him. Then the weirdest thing happened. The guy took off, sprinting for the bathroom. “Gotta go when ya gotta go!”  I said chuckling to myself. “Alright! I’ll take the last vegi-lovers spe-” All of a sudden, Tech Storm shot out of the little boys room. “I’ll take that sandwich!!” he yelled. “I was here first!!!!” I screamed back at him. “Come at me then!!!” he roared back. I zoomed towards him with a pace faster than light, my horn glowing and radiating with power. I put on the biggest burst of speed in my life, head lowered for a charge. Then, at the last second, Tech Storm jumps to the side, and I hurtle through the wall. I’m going so fast that I keep going. And over my shoulder, I hear the nerdy guy from the counter say in a nasally voice, “Tech Storm! Thank you for getting rid of that “evil” whacko!! As a reward, you can have the very last Vegi-Lovers-Special Foot Long!!!”
Alright, alright. Quit ya laughin’. I know the whole “Sub-Way” incident didn’t go so well, I lived it for cryin’ out loud!!! I’ve been wondering. I’m bad at being bad, but what if I’m good at being good? I set up a meeting with Teck Storm to talk about my feelings, under a (if this doesn’t work out) temporary peace treaty. I’ll be meeting with Tech Storm in a dark, scary ally. Wish me luck!!
The next day
Hey again. Looking back on all of that evil junk, I realise that I was only “trying to be evil” because when I was a young foal, I was picked on by the other animals because I only had one  horn, while they all had two horns or none at all. But I’ve moved past all of that now and have agreed to work with Tech Storm (after I’ve been trained) and be a good guy. Well I’ve got to go pick flowers and chase butterflies now!!

P.S. Being bad doesn’t pay the bills!!
out from the playa (Twilight Anima Rising)


Types of GPS’s

In school we’ve been working on a survival project and we split into groups and try to “survive” and lose as minimum number of “heart beats” as possible, and using a GPS is a part of it so here is some info about GPS’s.

Car GPS: type in the location then set it on your dash (if it’s not built in) then it will tell you where to go.

Garmin GPS: type in a location, then the GPS will tell you where to find it, and it also comes with a CD.

Phone GPS: it’s obious that the GPS is on a phone and is pretty much the same as the other 2 GPS’s.

How to operate a GPS: type in the location (North and West cordanents) and it will show you (with an arrow and a compass) where to go.

Game with a GPS: treasure hunt- draw a North and West cordanite out of a hat.  Have a Garmin GPS to be able to find the location.  If you have foung the correct spot, you will find a prize there!