Forget the Desk and Go With the Future of the Workplace

When you think of the usual, boring work space, you probably think of, well, the usual, boring workspace. With a drab colored surface with an old chair that had cushions some 20 years ago and a computer on top of a desk that can only fit so much. You may be tired because you were nervous about today’s board meeting with the boss and want to take a cat nap, but can’t.

Enter Altwork Station. Capable of leaning back far enough to take that cat nap, this desk is anything but boring.

With clamps that hold onto your laptop and papers, the surface leans back with you.

Image from article.

The leg rest rolls up when in chair mode so it’s not in the way, and folds out when the chair is horizontal.

This helps people think of the workplace as a fun and more relaxed and possibly enjoyable and (according to research) can also lead to a longer life expectancy when compared to the usual desk and chair.

The official price is expected to be set at around $5,900.

Titcomb, James. “Forget Standing Desks: This Office Workstation Lets You Work Lying down.” The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 29 Oct. 2015. Web.

Humans of New York

So, in my Journalism I class, we have been looking for a favorite story from the HONY (Humans of New York) website and I haven’t found my favorite, I found many favorites. Unfortunately, because of the amount I have found, I’ve weeded the “lesser” ones out and given you the best. 🙂 (The story behind the website is here.)

Here they are!




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