New ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Can Match Any Background

Your idea of an “invisibility cloak” is probably something out of Harry Potter or Predator, but researchers have developed a cloak that reflects light around it using golden antennas rendering the object being covered invisible. While that may seem like a great invention that can be used to mask our soldiers or weaponry or even whole military camps, it’s currently in development stage at about 80 nanometers wide (a human hair is 100,000 nanometers wide!) and only big enough to cover an irregular shaped object 36 microns across, or little more than one-thousandth of an inch. If you’re not amazed at how tiny that is, something’s wrong with you. No offense. Just sayin’.

Anyways, the researchers were quoted saying: “”The tiny object appeared to be invisible because the gold antennas controlled the scattering of the light that reflects off of it, the scientists explained… With the proper tuning of the gold bricks, it’s not hard to make the reflected light look like anything you want — either the background of the object (a floor, for example) or something else entirely,” Zhang [director of materials science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who created the cloak] told Live Science. If the cloak were big enough, theoretically, you could drape it over anything. “You could cover a tank with it and make it look like a bicycle…””

I believe if this invention were to grow to a usable size (when it’s fully operational) and put into a war zone with our soldiers, it could revolutionize war and stealth as we know it.

From the article “Ultrathin ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Can Match Any Background” found on

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Fahrenheit 451 Newspaper Article

Hey readers! For my PreAP English class, I read the book Fahrenheit 451 over the summer (along with another one that I might post a poem about) and got charged with the task of writing a newspaper article (which by now you probably all know how much I like to read and write, so it’s not really a charge or a task) set 25 years after the book ends (Hint, hint, read the book because it’s really interesting) and make up what happens past that.

Well, I did, and here it is.

Trust In God!!

Bad day.
Trust in God!!

Hardly any fear.
Hardly any hardships.
Better day.
Trust in God!!

No fear.
No hardships.
Great day.

Say That Again, Would Ya?

Out of all the senses, smelling, seeing, touching, and tasting, my favorite is hearing. I like to listen to my favorite bands from my iPhone after school while relaxing on my game chair, while at the same time, playing Super Mario Brothers on my Wii listening to the music from it also.
If I lost my sense of hearing, I couldn’t hear my friends tell me how awesome the new video game is that they got over the weekend. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t hear!!

Be Humble!

Have you ever heard of Adam Young? If not, how about Owl City, Sky Sailing, or Port Blue?
Adam Young started making music in his parent’s basement while suffering from insomnia. He plays the piano, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, xylophone, accordion, drums, percussion, and is lead vocals. He’s also the founder of Owl City, Sky Sailing, and Port Blue. While making music by himself, Adam posted his electro-pop songs to MySpace, and on iTunes, selling about 2,000 tracks a week.
Adam has mentioned that he has aspergers syndrome, and has described himself as being deeply shy and socially introverted. He’s also said that he considers himself to be a amateur photographer. Adam has identified himself as a Christian, and writes about his faith in his music and on his blog.

He has provided vocals for Christian singers TobyMac in “The First Noel,” produced music for Relient K- “Terminals,” and remixed songs “Savior” by LIGHTS, and “Blinding Light” by Switchfoot.
Adam and his band members often volunteer at the local Salvation Army. From washing dishes and serving food to people to sorting donations for distribution at their Family Store and hauling boxes. Owl City is giving back through volunteering and hopes their fans will do the same.
Adam Young is my hero because he volunteers, doesn’t drink, and I think is a really good role model I look up to. I’ve learned that even if you’re famous, you have to be humble. In 2006, he said, “I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy creating it…..This music is my heart and soul.
This is who I am.”


The word sounds across my mind.
Darkness is closing in around me.
Holding me tight like a cold, black hand,
not letting me go.
The rustle of the leaves.
The howl of the wolves like a song
in the moonlit air.
The screech of an owl,
as it softly glides through the sky.
The snap of a twig as a raccoon hurries home.
For they know.
Light is coming.

Wondrous Beauty

In my mom’s class (she’s my LA and Reading teacher), we wrote a poem. Here’s mine.


I stand,
Water flowing around me.
An eagle above,
lets loose a mighty shriek,
as it dives after it’s prey.
a quick flash of light in the water.
I jerk back my pole to set the hook.
A vigorous bright colored trout leaps from the water.
At long last,
I finally land the lustrous beast.
As I congratulate myself on a job well done,
I’m amazed by the fish’s beauty.
Then I quietly slip the trout into the water,
and watch it slip away,
into the lake’s shadowy depths.