Singing Assistant Principal Brightens Everyone’s Morning

Assistant Principal Gary Logan will be seen every weekday morning singing and dancing in front of Woodrow Elementary in Conway, Arkansas trying to brighten the student’s mornings a little bit more.

He says the students even request songs for him to play and dance and sing to- Watch Me (by Silencio), Let it Go (from the movie Frozen), ect.

“They had a rough morning, they didn’t get to eat their breakfast, so we try to make them smile and make them laugh,” Logan said.

I am personally glad to see some people only see the positive side to life and try to make others see the same way. I wish a certain Assistant Principal at my school sang (or maybe not?) and danced in front of the school every morning. It would sure make a lot of people laugh, that’s for sure. I think it is a great thing for people to try to make other’s lives brighter and happier.


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