3 thoughts on “My Flyfishing Trip to Montana and Canada

  1. Christian, I love your pictures! I especially like the ones of the blue water and the one of the tree that is alone. I think it’s kind of funny that your dad dropped his phone in the water, being a tech guru and all. I’m glad the rice fixed it though. I think it’s great you got to go on this trip with your dad. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christian,
    You did a great job on the video. I am so happy you and your dad were able to troubleshoot and get it to work! The scenery is gorgeous! The water in some photos looks turquoise. I have a few questions: How common is it for someone to get a Grand Slam on the river? Also, what is a gorilla grab? It looks like some kind of tripod, but I have never heard that term before. And seriously, ketchup flavored chips? Are you kidding me?

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