Computer Rentals (Practice Writing- Not A Real Story)

   After a hacker breached the high school’s computer server taking important data with them, the school board will be holding a meeting over renting four Macintosh computers for the school’s journalism staff to finish the yearbook by the due date and “Yearbook Day.”

   For 22 years, the school has sponsored “Yearbook Day” which is a senior yearbook signing party. All seniors are released from class at noon to pick up their yearbooks and report to the gym for the party. Lunch and games are provided.

   “We have to get our yearbooks before school is out. Yearbook day Day is one of the highlights of senior year.” Senior, Reggie White said, “It would be weird for my friends to sign my book before I went to college.”

   White ends with saying that “Yearbook Day is more popular that prom,” and she will leaving state for college the week before school gets out, so if the yearbooks arrive late, she will not be able to make it to Yearbook Day and have her friends sign her book.

   “This year, we pushed our yearbook deadline back as far as we could to add more coverage to the book.” Junior, and yearbook editor, Alexis Zavia said, “Our yearbook representative warned us if we didn’t make the deadline, the chances of the book arriving before summer break were slim.”

   Yearbook Day is a very important tradition that should continue for years to come, but only if the journalism department gets the Macs.

   “Even if the the yearbook company cut us a break, we would not risk getting the book back before school ended.” Yearbook Adviser, Rodney Stephens said, “That would essentially kill an important tradition at the school.”

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